The Spirit of Brooklyn Rides the Trolley

A Vision For Brooklyn’s Future

Brooklyn: trolleys crisscrossing its streets; the Dodgers, heroes of the working class; Coney Island, America’s Playground; the bustling piers, home of one of the greatest commercial empires in the world; a unique accent recognized far and wide. Not just a place; a universal state of mind.

On October 31, 1956 however, our last trolley made its final run; cast aside in the name of progress; the home of the original Trolley Dodgers stripped of one of its defining symbols. The awful trend continued as, alas, a year later, our beloved Dodgers were also gone! When Steeplechase closed its doors for the last time in 1964, Coney Island became a hollow shell of what it was and as shipping moved away, the venerable Brooklyn docks, one by one, closed for good until only a whisper was left. And that colorful accent fades further and further into history. Brooklyn was now just another place…and one with a pretty bad rap at that.

It’s been a struggle, but today Brooklyn is undergoing huge revitalization. Slums are being transformed; once distinguished housing restored to former grandeur. Ramshackle industrial districts, long neglected, are being altered for residential and commercial use. People and businesses are moving to Brooklyn in overwhelming numbers. New Brooklynites bring exotic flavors; accents range from Midwest to Middle East and beyond. And BCSC proposes to bring back the true Spirit of Brooklyn with the return of our wonderful historic trolleys!

Brooklyn City Streetcar Company (BCSC), a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit, public minded corporation, has been created to embark on the mission to return the trolleys to their former home in Brooklyn where they are sorely needed today. With the recognition of light rail as the urban transit of the future, BCSC plans to bring our history into the present and beyond with trolleys that run on clean, non-polluting electricity and use less than 20% of the energy while running more quietly than a diesel bus. BCSC’s historic trolleys will create an ambience in our neighborhoods unknown for almost 50 years. And besides, in cities with both trolleys and buses, most people prefer riding the rails. Wouldn’t you?