The Spirit of Brooklyn Rides the Trolley


BCSC has submitted proposals to create a trolley line as sensible transportation as well as an attraction itself within the new Brooklyn Bridge Park and street lines to the park and the Navy Yard from Borough Hall. In addition, a proposal has been submitted to return trolleys to Coney Island as part of its revitalization. The system is expandable and can eventually reach out to several parts of the borough that are currently undeserved.

Suggested extensions are through Williamsburg and Greenpoint, Red Hook, Sunset Park to the Army Terminal on the edge of Bay Ridge and Atlantic Avenue from the new arena or BAM to the park. Part of the plan would include a world class trolley museum, a fitting monument for the home of the original Trolley Dodgers. We can never forget that the spirit of Brooklyn rides the trolley!


BCSC proposes to build and operate a streetcar line through Brooklyn Bridge Park, from Atlantic Avenue to DUMBO, using vintage trolleys from various eras, fully restored to their original condition and updated to meet today’s more rigorous standards. Passage through the long, narrow park will connect its facilities while enhancing its ambience. As envisioned, a visitor to the park could purchase a single ride or an all day pass, allowing them to enjoy all features of the park, as well as the historic trolleys, for the duration of their stay. In addition to serving visitors, BCSC would provide much needed revenue to the self sustaining park.

In order to provide access to the park as well as to create a transportation link for the surrounding neighborhoods of Fulton Ferry, DUMBO, Vinegar Hill, the Farragut Houses and the Navy Yard with its new movie studio, lines will be built from Fulton Ferry Landing, along the outskirts of the park to DUMBO, meeting with another coming from the Navy Yard, and then south to Borough Hall, connecting with MTA facilities. An arrangement with the MTA can allow passengers to use the MetroCard, with free intermodal connections to existing subway and bus lines. Trolleys running on the street will be fully restored and updated PCC cars dating from the mid-1930’s to the early 1950’s. These were the first true light rail cars and the last type to run in Brooklyn, capable of accelerating and braking with today’s traffic with about twice the passenger capacity of a bus.

Coney Island

With parking a major problem in Coney Island, it is proposed to build a large facility near the Belt Parkway. From there, BCSC’s vintage trolleys can carry passengers via West 8th Street, following the original Surf Avenue route from the Aquarium to Keyspan Park. This would cover the entire existing amusement area and afford transfer to and from the subway at West 8th Street and the newly rebuilt Stillwell Avenue Terminal as well as the bus. Eventually, this line can extend to the entrance to Sea Gate at the end of Surf Avenue. Additional extensions could follow the original route into Sheepshead Bay.


Considering the cultural aspects of the plan, BCSC proposes to create a museum highlighting trolleys and other vintage forms of local transport. Although flexible concerning location, BCSC would ideally like to see a primary facility in Coney Island, where space is more readily available, with additional exhibits in the proposed museum of maritime and industry at Brooklyn Bridge Park. This would create reciprocity between the two locations and serve to promote both Coney Island and the park.

Restoration Projects

BCSC, in conjunction with the above, proposes to establish projects to restore historic streetcars in cooperation with local technical and engineering schools as well as providing a home for area rail fans.